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Bringing our Graduates Back


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We are pleased to announce a special Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) event called “Bringing Our Graduates Back” and to ask for your support. This first-ever event features ten graduates of JWOC’s scholarship program who will return to in July to spend a day giving back to JWOC and the community by volunteering with one of JWOC’s programs:  Clean Water, Microfinance, Free Classes, and Community Support. Their participation and enthusiasm are testaments to the philosophy of social and community responsibility that underpins JWOCs scholarship program,where students volunteer weekly in one of our programs throughout their time at University.

Each graduate is returning to the program they worked in while they were in college in the hopes of raising awareness and funding to ensure that JWOC is able to continue the work they were a part of.They represent the more than 150 graduates that JWOC has supported to-date- and together, they are seeking to raise over $10,000 in support of our programs.

Meet one of JWOC’s graduates, Tep, and see what he has to say about “Bringing Our Graduates Back”:

Tep Morn graduated from JWOC in 2013. After spending 4 years volunteering on the Free Classes Program he moved on to become an English teacher at the Salarin Kampuchea Organization. Tep is a dedicated teacher who appreciates all the teacher training that was given to him during his time at JWOC.


“I learnt so much through the monthly seminars and teacher training workshops; it has got me to where I am today and given me a huge opportunity in life. I am looking forward to coming back because JWOC is such a huge part of my life. I want to share the skills I have learnt with the current scholarship students. I know the Free Classes Program has grown so much since I was a scholarship student, I am looking forward to seeing the impact it has.”


Click here to meet all 10 returning graduates, to hear their stories, and to help them to meet and beat their fundraising targets.

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